Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First Step In FYP

Area                             : Requirement Engineering
Title                              : Car Dealer System
Problem Statement       : All people in Malaysia have their own transport especially car to do daily    work. So this system will help malaysian people to find a car through the internet and make a deal with the owner. Its can reduce the user time to go all the auto-shop to find the detail of car.
Reasearch Background : Why this system need to be develop? Today people are basically good in all aspect especially web-based technology. This Car Dealer System are also available in e-commerce. E-commerce is focused on customer applications that allow transaction and interaction over the Internet(ITS 580). Car Dealer System will guide user on how to do car business through the net and will connect buyers and sellers around the Malaysia. Besides that, this system will provide direct information to customer such as view product description and price information of car. After that, this system also using the internet auction system.This Internet auction system can support most of the auction types and other business negotiation models(Internet Auction). The are many benefit in using Internet auction system such as customer do not need to leave the house, bidding at the auction take place in real time, search the auction is going very fast, etc(

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